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Preparing for a Hair Transplant: Factors to Consider

A hair transplant lasts a lifetime. Thus, it is paramount to weigh the pros and any possible cons carefully, to take your time when selecting what technique will best suit your needs, to be prudent in your search for the right surgeon, and to seriously consider the long-term affects a hair transplant surgery will have. The major factors to consider include:

Age/stage of hair lossFinancial wellnessPhysical/psychological healthRepair

Age and Stage of Baldness

It is important to be the right age or at a mature stage of hair loss. In fact, it is so important that with rare exception will a surgeon operate on anyone under the age of 24. Some surgeons have even higher age prerequisites, with the cutoff into the 30's. This is because they know that hair loss is progressive, and often at a pace that spans several years. A man whose hair loss begins at the age of twenty might not see the end of it for 10 years or more.

The timing of hair transplant can be tricky. Prospective recipients must be patient in waiting for the right time, for when the surgery will be most worthwhile. Those who undergo surgery prematurely often end up with deformed hairlines and a "halo" effect at the crown that looks like a bull's-eye. If you choose to undergo hair transplant early and find a surgeon who will operate, you must also accept the probability that you will need a second surgery in the future.

Financial Wellness

Hair transplant surgery is costly. More advanced techniques, and wider known surgeons are typically the most expensive. While it is important to have the financial backing for a hair restoration surgery, it is also imperative not to compromise what's best for you long-term. To achieve financial wellness, save as much as you can from your earnings and maintain a high credit score in order to qualify for a low-interest loan.

Physical/Psychological Health

A major prerequisite for hair transplant is being in good overall health. Stress, poor diet, bad circulation, drug use, and sleep deprivation are some unhealthy things that can exacerbate hair loss. If you have male pattern baldness and want to make the best of your hair transplant, you'll want to do away with any additional factors contributing to your baldness. Furthermore, hair restoration surgery is not possible for anyone who is allergic to anesthesia, has a history of blood clotting disorders, or has a tendency to keloid during the healing process.

Being in a healthy mental state is also important, as there is a montage of emotions that accompany baldness and surgical correction of baldness.

Hair Transplant Repair

This is an additional transplant to correct a previous one that bore subpar results. It is often the case for people who:

Underwent an outdated hair transplant procedure years priorHad surgery prematurelyHave severe linear scarringNeed hairline refinementWant more density

No one wants to undergo two hair transplant procedures. Luckily, all of the above are avoidable, for the most part. Securing the first three of the factors to consider-a mature stage of hair loss, financial soundness, and good health-will help reduce the chance of needing a repair surgery.

Written by: Alanna Brown, DermHair Clinic content writer

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Can Bhringraj Really Promote Hair Growth Like Minoxidil

While traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine has promoted the health benefits of the Bhringraj plant for many hundreds of years, recent scientific studies have confirmed the hair growth potential offered by Bhringraj (also known as Eclipta alba).

Traditional remedies are rarely tested by scientists but the weight of anecdotal evidence and the popularity of Bhringraj as an effective hair loss treatment prompted two separate studies to investigate the validity of claims that Bhringraj has measurable hair growth benefits. Many thousands of people consider Bhringraj for hair growth but until this scientific study there had been no recorded proof of its effectiveness.

In order to test the Bhringraj herb, control samples of base ointment only and a minoxidil solution were used as a comparison. Most people might not be so familiar with the name minoxidil, but they will probably know it by the commercial products that contain it, such as Rogaine (or Regaine). In science minoxidil is known as a antihypertensive vasodilator capable of slowing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. For the purposes of the study, the results of three Bhringraj extracts were compared against the known results of minoxidil.

Three different extracts of Eclipta alba were prepared for the experiment. The first extract was petroleum ether, the second was ethanol, and the third extract was made using methanol. For the purposes of testing for hair growth, six groups of rodents were used to record the difference results.

For the first experiment 2%-5% ethanol extract Bhringraj oil was prepared using an extract of powdered Eclipta Alba. This was prepared by using the petroleum ether first, then the ethanol. This required the use of half a kilogram of dried powdered powdered Eclipta Alba.
For the second experiment, double the amount of Eclipta Alba was extracted with methanol before being filtered and concentrated to the same level as the first experiment.

The first experiment using the Ethanol and Petroleum ether extracts ran for thirty days using six groups of shaved rats (G1-G6) which were treated with extracts of differing concentrations, as follows.
G1: Control group treated with base ointment only.
G2: Ethanol Extract - Concentration of 2 %
G3: Ethanol Extract - Concentration of 5 %
G4: Petroleum ether extract - Concentration of 2 %
G5: Petroleum ether extract - Concentration of 5 %
G6: Minoxidil - Concentration of 2 %

The results were quite clear. Test groups G2/3 using the ethanol extract showed no discernible improvement in regrowth time, however the other test groups showed significant improvements.

Test groups 3 and 4 using the Petroleum ether extract grew hair more quickly that the control group G1. Hair regrowth started after only 5 days with groups G4/5 rather than 12 days with the control group G1. Total time for regrowth over the shaved area was reduced from 24 days with the control group to only 20 days for groups G4/5. Group G6 managed a similar reduction in regrowth time with full regrowth noted at 20 days.

The second experiment used mice rather than rats, using the methanol solution from Eclipta Alba extracts for 10 days. Results showed that the Eclipta Alba extract was more successful at hair regrowth than the control minoxidil solution.

In conclusion it was shown that Eclipta Alba was successful in promoting hair growth, to the same degree as minoxidil when using the petroleum ether extract. It was also noted that Eclipta Alba increased the number of hair follicles, again giving an indication of the validity of using Bhringraj for hair re-growth.

Bhringraj oil can be used on its own or combined with Bhringraj powder for a more potent treatment. It can be massaged into the scalp the night before washing the hair, or used a a conditioning hair oil. Bhringraj powder can also be added to hair conditioners and treatments. Because Bhringraj is a natural, herbal treatment, it doesn't have the adverse side effects often associated with minoxidil.

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Profollica: A Hairy Solution to Baldness

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? When your hair falls down and part of your self-confidence and self-esteem goes out with it, and would eventually put you in a high water or worst situation that even your interpersonal relationships and professional careers are being affected? And do you ever wish to go down the wire and end all these problems: including hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall, and premature graying of the hair? No worries because your queries have just been answered! Profollica is your hairy solution to all of these hair problems containing all the natural ingredients and effective for both men and women with its three-part system. But to fully appreciate the mechanism of this hairy solution, you must first understand the normal cycle of hair growth and loss which will be thoroughly discussed.

The normal cycle of the hair lasts for approximately two to three years. Each hair grows about 1 centimeter each month and falls out and starts to grow after three to four months. As a normal part of the cycle, the hair sheds each day but unusually, a lot of people experience extreme hair loss which is not anymore normal. And in fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95% of hair loss cases in men. By the time they reach the age of 35, men experience some degree of hair loss, and by age 50, hair becomes thinner. Surprisingly, women would make up 40% of hair loss sufferers today. A lot of hair loss causes were identified and to name a few, stress is one, anti-cancer drugs, some skin disorders, testosterone levels, genetics, and aging. Good thing this regrowth system was created to battle all of these hair problems.

This three part hair regrowth system contains all 100% natural ingredients including vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, without any harmful chemicals and toxins that would precipitate occurrence of hair loss. It halts the production of Dihydrotestosteron which is the main cause of hair loss in both men and women. To get the best results, follow the three parts: first step involves rubbing of the Profollica shampoo deep into the scalp so as to reduce sebum production, second step is the Profollica Activator Gel which rejuvenates the hair to reduce Dihydrotestosteron levels, and the third and last step is the Nutritional Supplement which stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles thereby encouraging an environment conducive for hair growth. The ingredients of the nutritional supplement are known to remarkably decrease DHT levels and these are: Manganese Gluconate, Folic Acid, Chlorophyll, Zinc Oxide, Biotin, Iodine, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B12, Pana, proteins, and amino acids.

There are tons of hair regrowth products being introduce in the market which all fail in its effectiveness; a waste of your time and money. However, Profollica actually works pretty well. It doesn't just help manage your hair loss, hair thinning, and hair fall; it also improves your self-confidence and self-esteem! Purchase the three-step hair regrowth system now and experience the astounding appearance as your hair grows back; should you not be satisfied with its results, you are guaranteed by a 60 day or your money back.

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How to Use Bhringraj to Promote Hair Growth

The Bhringraj plant is well known for its hair growth properties, but it's easy to become confused by the numerous names that it is also known by. If you are looking for natural products that contain extract of the Bhringraj plant, then look out for the following names, as they all refer to the same plant.

bhangra, bhringaraj or bhringrajaEclipta albaEclipta prostrataFalse Daisykehrajkarisalankanniyerba de tagomaca

The Bhringraj plant by any of these names is a member of the large Asteraceae family of plants. It can be found growing in the wild in most countries, where it can be seen growing in damp soil, usually at the side of rivers or plantations. It is recognisable for it's small white flower, and for growing to a height of up to 200mm. The leaves are green but have an unusual red tint around the edges and also on the branches of the plant.

When grown commercially, seeds are planted in a fertilizer rich soil and can be harvested after around 12-13 weeks. Subsequently the Bhringraj plant can be re-harvested around every 8 weeks. Its reputation as a treatment for hair loss originates from India. Indian Ayurvedic medicine attributes many beneficial properties to the Bhringraj plant and its leaves; however it is its effective use as a hair loss remedy that is making it popular more recently in Western culture.

There is a growing selection of hair loss products becoming available that rely on the hair growth properties of the Bhringraj herb. There are many ways of preparing the Bhringraj plant for application or ingestion, but either Bhringraj powder or Bhringraj oil is favoured for hair loss treatment. One method of applying to hair is to boil the leaf juice of the Bhringraj plant and mix with some coconut oil before applying to the hair. This not only adds body to the hair and natural nutrients to the scalp, but also adds a nice black sheen to the hair. The powder too can be used in place of the leaf juice.

Alternatively, sesame oil mixed with Bhringraj powder can also be applied to the scalp and hair, conditioning the hair and leaving it beautiful, dark and lustrous. It is this effect of darkening the hair that makes Bhringraj treatments of particular interest to adults who find their hair starting to grey. By using Bhringraj oil adults can make their hair darker and more beautiful, but also benefit from the Bhringraj plant's hair growth properties. Users of Bhringraj oil usually find that their hair is easier is thicker and healthier.

Unlike some other hair loss treatments, Bhringraj is a herbal product and as such is a truly natural way to grow hair, prevent hair loss and keep your hair looking beautiful without using harmful chemicals. This absence of artificial ingredients in Bhringraj products makes it the preferred choice for many consumers looking to find the best product for hair loss. Some people have even reported that their hair regrowth has continued after they have stopped using Bhringraj oil.

Bhringraj is sold in both powder and oil form. There are also herbal supplements available for people not so keen on making tea out of the Bhringraj powder. The oil and powder are excellent treatments for hair loss and thinning hair and can continue to be used to keep the hair strong and healthy. The oil can be used as a pre shampoo treatment or massaged into the scalp the night before washing the hair. The powder can be added to conditioners and deep hair conditioning treatments.

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Profollica Review: Dare to See the Difference

It is not a surprise why most people, including myself, prefer Profollica over other brands of hair loss treatment; when in fact, there are tons of other hair loss rejuvenating products sold around the internet today and all of them are just a waste of time and money. With its three part system, it doesn't just solve problems concerning your crowning glory but as well as it improves the way you handle yourself. With no doubt, our hair usually speaks for ourselves; it defines who we are and our social status. If our hair falls down, part of our integrity as a person also goes down including our relationships with others and our professional careers too as well. So it is very important for most of us to keep our hair as appealing and alluring as possible. To achieve such amazing change in your crowning glory, you have to try and use this amazing all natural hair rejuvenating product.

It has been documented that male pattern baldness accounts for most cases of hair loss in men. Is it sad to say that women would actually experience the same thing and accounts for one-fourth of hair loss cases. Hair loss is very inevitable especially when you age. By age 35, a number of men would actually experience some degree of hair loss and by age 50, their hair becomes thinner. All of these factors would actually lead to some serious ego conflicts like your confidence would just shoot down because you know your hair is thin. But with Profollica's three step hair regrowth system, everything will be changed! It could actually reverse the pattern of baldness as it stops the production of Dihydrotestosteron or DHT which would actually cause most of hair loss cases in aging. And you don't have to worry because it contains all natural ingredients comprising of vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. All you have to do is to follow the three step process. The first step is the shampoo; lather the shampoo into your hair as it is supposed to clean the dirt and sebum on your scalp and hair follicles. After shampooing, you add the gel which is the second step. The activator gel stimulates the hair follicles to regrow. And the third step would be to take a daily supplement which is formulated with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are critically needed to promote hair regrowth.

With firm adherence to this treatment regimen, you'll surely achieve the lushes looking hair. You'll also notice how your hair becomes thicker within a short period of time. Hair falls are also reduced and the texture it gives to your hair is definitely alluring! It's so smooth and you just can't stop looking at it. You see, with just this product everything can change. That is why I highly recommend Profollica as it has the capability of invigorating your hair follicles to regrow and gives you the desire you wanted. After continuous use, you will certainly see the difference. It makes you more confident than ever. So what are you waiting now? Purchase this product from the company's official website and dare to see the difference!

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2 Crazy Simple Steps to Stop Hair Loss

ByMike J Harper

Hair loss has become such a common problem these days. Every generation, we see more and more people suffering from hair loss at younger ages.

While the actual cause of balding has not been identified, there are several ideas that have a lot of evidence. We are going to over a couple of these ideas and what you can do to stop hair loss today!

So What Causes Hair Loss?

Doctors go back in forth debating whether hair loss is a disease or not. Many doctors believe we loss hair because of the lifestyles we live. There is a lot of evidence that the later is correct.

A great example of our life style being the problem is people in the eastern half of the world. They do not suffer from balding nearly as much as the western world. After moving to the western side however, they begin to experience hair loss! I believe that is a pretty sure sign that our life styles are the main cause of our hair falling out.

1. Our Diets Are Making Us Bald!

They way we eat is terrible. I am just as guilty as you are. We eat foods high in bad types if fat and very low in any kinds of nutrients. As a result, most people are lacking many of the vitamins we need to function correctly.

A few vitamins are more important than others. We need a healthy supply of vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and Zinc to make sure our hair is healthy and able to grow. These vitamins can easily be found in most vegetables.

Don't Worry!

This does not mean you have to eat nothing but vegetables. Simply replacing what ever you eat as snacks between meals with vegetables will go a long ways. If you don't normally eat vegetables, this will do a lot for helping you stop hair loss.

2. Our Hormones Are Out of Wack!

Our hormones do a lot for us. They tell the cells in our body what they need to do. So its easy to see that if our hormones are out of balance, our bodies will be as well. This can cause the cells that grow hair to confused and stop production.

The best way to balance your hormones is to do some light exercising every day. You don't need to train for a marathon. You don't need to ride a bike for 10 miles a day. Just some walking or light jogging is enough to do the job. The most important thing is to do it everyday.

Enjoying Your Full Head Hair Again

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Effective Ways to Grow Hair in Spite of Hair Loss

ByMak Jonson

The importance of hair is that it not only acts as a protective covering of the scalp but also helps in enhancing the beauty and personality of a person. That is why people attach so much importance to the health of their loved ones. Most people (usually girls and some boys) crave for a long hair. But in order to grow hair one needs to follow certain rules.

First of all you need to oil and keep it free from dirt, dandruff and sebaceous secretions. For that you need to wash your it with a shampoo and then apply conditioner so that the hair follicles become soft, silky and shiny. Washing is needed to remove the dirt from the scalp (one of the main reasons for the loss of hair). You need to opt for regular scalp massages and hot towel treatment and also take vitamin supplements if you want to grow it long and strong.

Growth of hair suffers a major setback when an individual is suffering from excessive loss of hair. For them growth of hair needs to be done using special methods. For example individuals suffering from excessive loss, can resort to certain solutions that provide essential nutrients to their scalp and thus help to provide good growing hair. These solutions prove to be effective only when it is inevitable that excessive loss is leading to baldness.

Most people are of the opinion that if you want to Grow Hair then you must use an expensive shampoo or an expensive conditioner. They also think that going to the parlor for hair treatments will help them. While these methods might work, the main thing that one needs to do is to follow a proper diet that is enriched in vitamins. When you are visiting the beauty parlor, you should opt for regular trimming and styling sessions. These ensure that all the split ends would be removed and would prevent further breakage or damage. These procedures would help to reduce losing of the hair.

Also one must drink lots of water and include green vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet. Hair Loss gains impetus due to erratic lifestyle, hectic schedule, stress, anxiety and tension. That is why for healthy hair, doctors always advise their patients to bring about a change in their lifestyles by throwing out tension, stress and anxiety out of the window. These methods would definitely restore the growth of healthy hair on your scalp.

Mak Jonson is a Hair Expert who has knowledge on Grow Hair. To know more about hair loss, please do visit

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